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Thomas Siamoulis
50% owner of NRG on paper, but its creative mastermind in practice. Voice actor and voice-over director, audio designer, production manager, and the creative director of the company.
Member of EEDEBE.

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skype : tomsiamnrg

George Liapis
50% owner of NRG on paper, but its communications mastermind in practice. Specialist in radio and multi-media design, as well as the sales and marketing director of the company.
Member of EEDEBE.

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skype : geonrg07

NRG Productions has been located in Thessaloniki - Greece since 1997. We record Greek and multilingual voiceovers, produce radio & TV commercials, and provide soundmixing to films and movies. Our recording studio in Greece, serves advertising agencies, radio and tv stations, web developers and voice agencies in Greece and internationally.
Clients / Portfolio
NRG Productions is a vertically integrated audio production company, based in Thessaloniki, in northern Greece, that specializes in every kind of application that has to do with speech localization.

We have more than 19 years of expertise, which can be applied to any audio project, made for professional media use.

We work with a large and talented group of voice artists, broadcasters, producers, and copywriters, who can deliver even the most difficult project, in the shortest possible time.

Our main services are Greek and multilingual voiceover recordings for Web - Multimedia - TV - Radio - Games, corporate narrations , audio books, documentaries, interactive entertainment voice over services, audio post production, editing and sound design, video dubbing & lipsync – ADR, IVR phone prompts, in store / in flight / in ship messages, text to speech applications, music & SFX editing, using legal and royalty free production libraries.

We have worked for :
Google - Microsoft - CERN - Honda - Intel - Lidl - Samsung - BMW - Euronews - Mercedes - Volvo - Heineken - AEG - Unilever - Michelin - Exxon Mobil - Trivago - Henkel - HP - Xerox - John Deere - Skype - Toshiba - Shell - Allianz - Toyota - Spotify - Hugo Boss - ABB - Turkish Airlines - Husqvarna - Mattel - CB12 - Avene - Hankook tyres - Air Berlin -  Ryanair - Qatar Airways - Pfizer - Hausbrandt – Sunsweet - GlaxoSmithKline - Dow Chemicals - Mayoral - Fixodent - Lilly - Hasbro - McDonalds - Electrolux - Bison UHU - Berlin Museums - European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) - European Central Bank (ECB) - Amgen - DHL - Novotel - Aboca - Val Venosta - Doki language learning software - WeKnowIt - Valagro - Tommy Hillfiger - G4S - Nobilia - Alcon - Hollister Inc - Baxter - Georg Fischer - Securitas - Organo Gold - Tork - Bronpi - Obesimed etc


After selecting voice talents from the audio room, we schedule the date and time of the recording (either in our studio, or remotely over the internet with talents from abroad), with the possibility of remote session with you.

We record and we perform editing and QC regarding to the transmittion selected - television, radio, internet.

We are online from 9:30 to 18:00 Monday to Friday.
Production music

Every year we invest significant amounts of money in contracts for lisenced production music, from publishers like AudioNetwork, as well as many buyout collections.

We also offer the option for custom made music composition by professional musicians.

Each of our productions has top musical signature!
Equipment - Software

We record with 

Neumann U87ai, TLM103, Sennheiser MKH416 mics Focusrite ISA2, TLAudio 5051 preamps
Focusrite & Avid audio interfaces
Yamaha NS10M Monitors
Axel telephone hybrids 
ProTools 12 and VegasPro 13
Waves, Izotope, Voxengo ΑΑΧ plugin suites.

Costed relative to the transmission media, lenght of the recording and densely populated distribution.

Prices also vary according to the speaker, the difficulty of production and the period of recording use.
Foreign Languages

We offer audio localization, targeting foreign markets and foreign target groups.

With a global network of professional speakers, voice directors, recording studios and agencies,
we perform daily recordings in any language.

All you need to know before choosing us

Voice Services


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Greek TV Actors


NRG Voice Team

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Recordings for tv and film production
Russian Standard Vodka TVC
Nissan After Sales TVC Sound design
Lexus NX TVC
Panthenol Extra TVC
Elite mini crackers TVC
Eθνος TVC
Daikin TVC
Groupama TVC
Alfa Weiss beer TVC
Jumbo Πάσχα 2017 TVC
Kymco Scooters TVC
My Alpha POS TVC
Mediterranean Hair TVC
Alpha Bank MyAlphaWallet TVC
MORRIS Αφυγραντήρας TVC
Multilingual voice over recordings
Monte Napoleone TVC (Italian VO)
Inventor English VO
Celestyal Cruises Spanish+Catalan TVC
Nounou milk preroll (English VO)
Agnotis TVC (Arabic VO)
STEP - Click your environment now (English vo + sound design)
Promoting Sitia's local produce film (samples from narration in 6 languages)
Book Secrets (English VO)
Mednet EU (US English vo)
Anatolia College (US English vo)
Culture in the Mediterranean and Europe (Arabic vo)
Culture in the Mediterranean and Europe (Italian vo)
Univercity of Sheffield -Executive MBA (English vo)
Ohonos Snacks Corporate (German vo)
Monomobi (Italian VO)
Doki Language app (5 languages mix)
Replicar TVC (UK English vo)
Crete Horticultural (Bulgarian VO)
Sunsweet Prugne TVC (Italian vo)
Blue Island (US English VO)

When you work long hours and you want to be productive, you need your workplace to be truly inspiring

  • Natural light and color ....and 300 square meters full of energy!    Four hi-tech recording and post-production rooms
  • Sound isolated vocal booths
  • Hardware & software that meets international audio standards
  • Well- equipped recreational and creative copywriting areas
We record with:

Neumann U87ai & TLM103, Sennheiser MKH416 mics /// Focusrite ISA2 and TLAudio 5051 preamps /// Avid and Focusrite interfaces /// Yamaha NS10M monitors /// ProTools 12 /// VegasPro 13 /// Waves, Izotope, Voxengo AAX suites

Luis Suarez kicks cancer

Kick cancer campaign with Luis Suarez, includes our sound design.

Luis Suarez kicks cancer
Kick cancer campaign with Luis Suarez, includes our sound design.
Ρυθμος 949 και Easy 972 Imaging
Two of the most popular radio stations in Athens, Rhythmos 949 and Easy 972, have assigned us their complete ...
Flying with NRG and Aegean Airlines
We recorded in 11 foreign languages, the inflight announcement package, for the largest Greek airline company, Aegean Airlines. Αt your next flight ...
ΑLFA Weiss beer new TVC
Enjoy one of the most refreshing tv commercials of the year, for Alfa Weiss beer.Producted by Avion films, and voiced ...
NOYNOY evaporated milk English recording
YouTube preroll campaign we recorded in English for ΝΟΥΝΟΥ evaporated milk, as seen at Ads of the world.
Jumbo sound design
Integrated sound and music design for the giant Easter egg of Jumbo!NRG has sound directed the new full animated commercial of the ...
My Alpha POS TVC
New TVC for Alpha bank, with our voices.
Recent work with NRG sound
Cooperation with DEMOCRITOS Research Institute
We made the dubbing in 6 languages (Italian, German, Latvian, Hungarian, Lithuanian and Spanish) for a series of scientific films on behalf of THE ...
Talking about Crete nutrition in 6 languages
An excellent film dubbing in 6 languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Russian and Turkish), you can see and
Sweden, Japan and Egypt with Pireaus bank
The new radio campaign of Piraeus Bank speaks Swedish, Japanese and Egyptian. We recorded the authentic dialogues in their respective ...
Regency Casino plays on radio
Definitely you've listen to the radio spots of Regency Casino Thessaloniki.Now you know their source!The diligent in cooperation with the ...
PAOK FC plays at NRG
NRG Productions supports PAOK!The radio commercials on the activities of the football department, of PAOK Official store, and anything else ...
NOTOS GALLERIES,selectNRG Productions.
Television voiceovers,and radio commercials for NOTOS GALLERIES stores, were recorded at the studios of NRG Productions, in collaboration with ...
NRG Jingles. The new way, to climb at consumer.... charts!
Its a JINGLE ...out there...and you will survive only if you are original, cheerful ... and making all the others .. sing for ...
Do you like Italy?
Our multilingual department, recorded ...
Leading brands on the world market, have recorded to NRG Productions Greece
Over the last years, NRG Productions Greece, has recorded in Greek and other languages, a great number of voiceover works, for leading international ...
Celebrating behind mics
Educational autumn 2013 full of NRG!
For one more year, we made the voicing and audio design in television and radio spotsfor some of the leading educational institutions of the ...
NRG Productions records for a CERN production
An exciting international production, reached the studios of NRG, for the recording of the voiceover.The contribution of European ...
TEXJET plus printer: Corporate video σε US English, by Best Voices
Professional digital prints, thanks to TexJet Plus printer. The innovative TexJet printer that is already widely used in 43 ...
For one more year, Masoutis Supemarkets, record at NRG
S/M MASOUTIS the biggest supermarket chain in northern Greece, for one more year, invest in audio at NRG. TV and radio commercials, and ...
New radio commercial for Seven spots, produced by NRG.
Fanis Mouratidis and Anna Maria Papacharalambous star in a new radio commercial that we have produced for the Seven Spots, which is already ...
Womex 2012. A big success!
WOMEX 2012 (World Music Expo), the global exhibition in the music industry which is being considered as the most important event of its kind in the ...
Multilingual recordings from NRG Productions Greece and Best Voices.
NRG Productions, creates a World network of partners, and records voice overs for any project that requires use of a foreign language.From ...
NRG Productions, voices PrimeTel's new TVCs
One of the biggest telephone companies in Cyprus, PrimeTel, now has the voice of NRG productions. The TV commercials, as a result of an ...
NRG Productions, records for the 9th Naoussa International Film Festival.
The 9th Naoussa International Film Festival, takes place from 26/9 until 30/9, and NRG Productions, for the account of Colibri, had the audio ...
Honda Jazz TVC, with NRG aroma.
You certainly have seen the
Travelling to Doki city, in 5 languages with NRG Productions Greece
NRG Productions, in association with London based company Easyspeak LTD, has created the audio productions for language learning software Doki, which ...
European Dairy GER & ESP TV commercials by NRG
Another international cooperation for Best Voices and NRG Productions, this time with the TV production company N-Orasis, for the recordings in ...
NRG Productions records, for Berlin Museums
NRG Productions, has recorded and successfully delivered, the Greek narrations for the Pergamon, Islamic Art and Middle East Museums, located in ...

NRG Productions, for the Bee Foundation
A very
The Xmas radio commercials for KOYKOY kids shops, by NRG Productions
The choir with llla, strikes again!The new radio campaign of the kid\'s shops chain KOYKOY for Christmas coming, is already in the air ...
Better English... for Greeks, by NRG Productions.
No more Gringlish! A brand new guide to the right way to use the English language is now available tothe Greek market.Better English ...
Radio imaging by NRG Productions
One more from the many activities of NRG Productions, is also the Radio Imaging (radio broadcast identity). Some of the most popular radio stations ...
New radio campaigns for City Gate, from NRG Productions
The successful radio promotion of the popular shopping mall City Gate, continues from NRG Productions for the account of Admine. A few days ago ...
Mercedes Actros Greek voice overs, by NRG Productions
The corporate videos for the new Mercedes Actros, turned into their Greek version, at the studios of NRG Productions. In live link to the ...
The most complete list of Greek actors voices
From our studios, have passed far too many well known actors who lent their voice to TV and radio spots, and remained with the best impressions of ...
NRG Productions and Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra, together for another season.
Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra, for one more year renewed its partnership with NRG Productions.All the year\'s major concerts in ...
New radio commercials for WELCOME STORES, made by NRG.
The new electric retail Welcome Stores, record their radio and television spots with NRG Productions. In cooperation with the ...
Μovie trailers for the new movies of UIP, by NRG Productions
NRG Productions has recorded for the account of UIP, the commercials for TV and radio of the upcoming new movies Johnny English - Reborn , ...
Porcelana and NRG Productions, at your screens and radios!!!
The new TV spots, and the radio campaign of Porcelana, have the sonic signature of NRG Productions.The distinctive voice of Helena ...
Voicing your game in Greek?
At NRG Productions, we can record in a few days , the most complicated voice script, for any kind of computer game. Our experienced voice team, ...
Audio design for the new tv commercials of EPSA, by NRG.
NRG Productions,
Kazantzakis Museum audio tour by NRG
NRG Productions has successfully delivered the audio tour of the Nikos Kazantzakis Museum which is located in Heraklion, Crete. The ...
Welcome to the new website of NRG Productions Greece
After 4 years, and a pioneering flash website, NRG productions renew it, for even more enjoyable and efficient browsing. Made in HTML5, it ...